How To Send Data from app To Webiste?

I want to select state from app and send it to website and also for button like user click on button on app it login in website

You can use javascript in webview component.
For button click code
Button by id :

Button by classname :

For fill data in website input :
document.getElementById(‘inputId’).value = “Enter your Text”;

and for THIS

can you share blocks for this

For select and submit button

Website isn’t opening

its working fine
Check this
On top left click border tax payment
then Tax payment
Then the page opens That page

Not working for me. Maybe Ip issue i am from pakistan

Edited: working with VPN

ha thats why not opening

if worked with vpn then send the blocks

You can make a list the name of State Names in your app
and than run javascript when click any item from list.

set item in dropdown label code is :

Thankyou, let me try this

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by the way is there any video for this ? to explain

I think there are no videos.
But you can try .its easy

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You can use this same method for all drop down list.