How to Search item from list

I have a question for example
if i have a word in list like
“India vs pakistan match”
Than if i search this word same to same than its showing correctly.
But is it possible if i write “India pakistan match” or India vs match" in search view than it show me this item from list. ؟

I mean if i don’t write word same to same in textbox than its also show me the related item from list

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Which search view are you using ? You can try to join your related texts in the original search text

I am using “contains text” block

Edited : can you help me by making blocks?

Show your blocks


When adding items in namelist. Join your related searches in the item. Like if namelist's item is India vs pakistan match then, join all related texts in it.

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Now, the ListView will include the India vs pakistan match when any of above texts is searched.

I can’t understand correctly because i was not do this in past can you make a aia if eaiser for you ?

Send me your AIA in PM

Mmm, why not use this block?

text_contains 2

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Ohh sorry sorry i was not see this block i will try it :grin: