How to notified app user when there is a new blogger post?

Suppose i create web app (blogger app). How can app user get a notification whenever i create a blog post? Is it possible?

You can use “evaluate javascript” block and push notification component.
Means when a user post something than run push notification block with evaluate js.

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This notification work in background?

Yes you need to integrate onesignal push notification in your app it will also help to show notification while your app closed or not running in background.
But one problem here . the person who posting the file will also receive that notification :grin:. But you can use your logic

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Can you show me some blocks?

I would try but for now appzard online workspce isn’t working yet.

But send me the website in which you want to implement this feature

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Can you explain me more about this topic ?
Means, do you want to show notification in your admin app or the real app when anyone post something.

Second its just possible to send notification if the user post from the app that created by you not from through chrome or pc website

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Actually, post can be create by admin from website only. I donot want user to make post. So, whenever i make a new post in website app user will recieve notification if possible. When they click the notification user will open the app.

Bro, do you have experience in blogger?
If it is not possible then no problem. I want subscibe button, suppose if you click subscribe button on the website you will recieve notification for every new post.

Thats mean when they click notification they will redirect to the post (inside website) not in the app.

There are two ideas bring in my mind.
First, you can set up onesignal push notification coding in blogger
Second, you can use firebase with onesignal with admin app. When you make a new post than you need to just ooen admin app and send notification manually.
It will send notification to all the users who installed your app

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BTW, i suggest you to create everything in app.
Because many users who open your website in laptop or in mobile but differet browser app will not receive the notification . They will just get notification if installd your app.

I mean all the code that you was wrote in blogger, you must make everything in app. This will really help you to make a perfect match.

I don’t have much knowledge of javascript but i have more than 2 year experience of developing logical apps.