How to make leaderboard/scoreboard?

My quiz app left leaderboard, i use firebase to store score. Now im stuck on creating a leaderboard. Anyone know? please make a full guide.

Atleast image of design

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Screenshot (249)
This type of Leaderboard, only top 10 will be display.
If you want to use Google Spreadsheet / Firebase i will use both.

Please do some research next time.

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Bro, sorry for asking again. Can you please tell me which topic is working? I tried many of these topics but not working for me, i follow some youtuber videos not working.

I think if i try everything then i will lost my time too much. But if anyone can make a guide than i will be very haopy.


You can use ColinTreeListView extension. The original one is not compatible with Appzard. Use this one

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I setup like this then it work. I donot really know if this is best or not.

But now, i donot know how to sort their score from max to min, and also i want to give different prize for each of these top 5 players. I tried using extension many times but i gues i didnot have much idea on how to setup block.

Please help me once again. 2023-06-04T15:26:20Z

This may help you