How to install Appzard offline GUI

Hello everyone,

In this topic, I would be explaining how to install and run appzard offline version on your device.
First, please check that your device is compatible to run appzard:


1- Your device must have at least 700 MB free, in order to be able to have all the required files for appzard downloaded correctly.
2- Your device OS must be either Linux or Windows, or macOS.
3- Your device architecture must be:

  • For Windows: 64bit
  • For Linux: x64_86 or aarch64

4- Your device must have the following softwares:

  • Java: Java is required in order to run appzard workspace locally, a JDK must be installed in your device.
    To check if java is already installed on your computer, you can run java -version to verify the installation, if it reports java isn’t recognized, so you will need to install java on your device.
    To install Java, you can either download the compressed JavaSE 8 for your platform officially from the oracle downloads, extract the files in the directory you prefer, or use the installer.
    Then, create a new system environment variable named JAVA_HOME, with the value of the place where you installed the Java JDK (i.e: C:\ProgramData\Oracle\Java\javapath ), then add an entry in the environment PATH variable with the value %JAVA_HOME%/bin to point to the JDK binaries. Now restart your terminal, or start a new terminal, and run java -version to verify the version.
    Note: You must install Java 8, or otherwise the buildserver will not work correctly.

  • PostgreSQL: Appzard uses PostgreSQL as a backend database. In order for appzard to run properly, postgresql must be installed on your device.
    To Install PostgreSQL, please download the installer from here:
    After running the installer continue with the prompts until it starts installing.

Example Installation


(Images taken from here )

VERY IMPORTANT: When asked to set the password for the database, you must use the following password: admin Using another passwords would result misconfiguration for appzard and you won’t be able to run it properly.

After the installation finishes, postgresql should be running properly on your device!

If your system is compatible with the above Prerequisites, you are good to go on and install Appzard!


To install Appzard offline GUI, appzard offers a simple installer to run, in order to install Appzard offline, please download the following installer:
After installing appzard offline using the installer and running it. You should be promoted to download appzard dependencies. You just have the click the “Download Dependencies” button and waiting after it finishes downloading.
When it finishes downloading, the start appzard screen will showup. Start appzard local instance by clicking the “Start Appzard” button.

Appzard Installer

Having trouble while installing appzard ? Try this tool


Q: What if used a password other than admin?
Please change the password to admin by following this guide:

That’s it. I hope this guide makes it easier to install appzard offline, in case you have problem with installation, feel free to ask about it, thank you!
-Mohamed Tamer