How to Connect firebase database connection

There is a problem connecting to the Firebase database, please fix it

Put the InitilizeFirebase block after the other two blocks you need to set API key and database url before initialising firebase.

You must know that blocks work in sequence, therefore you need to put blocks in a correct order in which these events take place and here you have to initialise firebase after setting other properties.

Also try to build APK then test it, companion may give false errors.

NOTE: You have revealed your database URL and API key in this image…please edit this image or blur it. Never post your API key anywhere…anybody can edit, add or delete to your database.


Those blocks are deprecated. You need to upload google-services.json in your assets.

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Not Working

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Check post by @Jay

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I tried but app automatically closed

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Send AIA in Pm

This problem solved in PM. User was initializing the sdk using deprecated method. Uploading google-services.json and removing the InitliazeFirebase block solved the problem

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send aia

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