How to ask a question?

Here are the steps to ask question -

1. Use the right category

If you want to discuss a question related to Appzard, use the #discuss category.

2. Do your research before posting

Your question might have been discussed before, make sure to search the community and verify a solution wasn’t provided before you create a new topic.

3. Make sure to have a suitable topic name

Use a title that gives a clear explanation about what are you going to talk about.
Don’t use topic titles such as (“Please help me”, “{something} isn’t working”, etc…)

4. Explain your question in detail when posting

Provide a complete details about what are you having problems with, or looking for. Don’t use use the topic title as a topic body.

5. Show what you have tried

Always try yourself first before you ask your question in the community. Don’t forget to show what have you tried in your topic so others could better understand what are you looking for and help in fixing problems with your approach.

6. Be respectful

Don’t use abusive, offensive or disrespectful words in your posts. Don’t write in ALL CAPS. If someone has helped you, please mark his answer as the solution for the topic.
If you find a problem flag it, so the moderation can take action against it.
Make sure you are following the community guidelines.

7. Post your own stuff

You may not post any digital content which is decompiled or obtained by reverse engineering. Don’t post any content that doesn’t belong to you, unless providing an appropriate credit to the original author.
It’s strictly prohibited to post any content that breaches the privacy policy, terms of service or license of a service.
Appzard Team