How i can get data from multiple bucket and tag in firebase

I am making withdrawal app and i searched all over the community but noth found my desired info. So i am creating a new topic
If anyone free so please help me to retrieve my data to my admin app.
Firebase data :
These Mobile Numbers bucket is under “Withdraw” Bucket

I want if contains “Pending” status in any bucket than it show the bucket with tags value in listview else if “Paid” Status than nothing.

I am getting all the bucket that contain “Pending” and also “Paid” Status. But in that case i need to check all the bucket one by one everytime.
Blocks :

Don’t use firebase buckets if u have one app,
because bucket’s work very differently, instead use tags like
maintag(treat as bucket)/tag/subtag/value.
try and tell whether this worked or not

But created earning app and this app is live on play store and every second a person using it.
So for now i can’t able to make this kimd of changing :pensive:
Please help me to get all data.
In my case i have a main bucket “Withdraw” under this bucket “Mobile numbers” buckets and every mobile number bucket there are many bucket like withdraw1, withdraw2, etc. And under these bucket i have 5 tags. So i want to get just these 5 tags with values and show it in listview and just this tags visible who contain tag “Status” value “Pending”.
And when i click button than change tag value from “pending” to “paid”.

So please helo me to getting my work done

You can change the bucket before getting data