Hide Keyboard not working with Block .CreateCustomDialog

Hello, I’m using the block (.CreateCustomDialog) from Notifier, creating a form with 2 fields. When clicking on the save button, the keyboard does not close while the field for writing in the TexBox is active.
Tested on companion and APK Android Version 10 and 13

LISTA_DE_TAREFAS_01.aia (39.4 KB)

I am without computer but if you can send me the apk I can test it in android 8 and 11 too to see in which versions the problem is.

Hello Pablo! the apk has 3.20mb the community system only lets you upload 1.95mb
If you have telegram, let me know and I’ll send you the APK
I will leave the file link to download from Google Drive. LISTA_DE_TAREFAS_04.apk - Google Drive

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You can upload the file in drive than send the download link

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Thanks for the tip!

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Yes, you right i have android 9 and also not hiding keyboard

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Thanks for testing!

Can you try clearing focus before hiding keyboard ?

component_method (21)

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I used this block but it didn’t work.
I would even solve this using the clock delaying the closing of the keyboard by 1ms, in android 10 and 12 it works correctly but in Android 13 it has a strange behavior as in the video, Dialog and Keyboard closes but the keyboard reopens again the clock closes again with 14ms which makes the viewing of the beholder strange

Did you check by using hiding block of textbox ? Not as screen block

I’ve tried everything including clearing the texbox selection. the problem is when the Dialog is active together with the keyboard. the Texbox is not the problem it just opens the keyboard. The DimissCustomDialog block is Resetting the Keyboard. As I said before, if on Android 13 it worked like in previous versions, just use the Clock and that would solve it.

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