Help regarding custom listview extension

This extension is from Kodular and it helps to create a custom list view…It is crashing the app and I think the reason can be that it is not compatible with Appzard…Can anyone help me get it compatible with Appzard…this will help a lot.

Which extension???
Who is the developer??

Sorry I forgot to upload the extension :joy:…I have added it now…

Always link to the topic instead of uploading the extension

Sure! But I uploaded aix since it was not on Appzard…but anyways I have done it now.

You can also use colin tree list view or list view extension by @ZainUlHassan

Can u plz share me the link to the extension?

Recycler list view extension by @ZainUlHassan

You can get modified colintree list view extension by @AryanGupta because original one don’t work with appzard

Edit:- colintreelistview extension

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It is not possible, the incompatibility problem is due to the libraries used are not in appzard or are older versions that cause redundancy in the builder.

It would be best to use the standard recycle view libraries to do something similar.

There are other extensions or I use the default ListView component that already integrates the dynamic recycling libraries!

You mean I can’t use this extension in appzard

Yes, yes you can use that extension, that extension works on all forks of AppInventor.