[Guide] Setup Unity Ads in your project

Hello Appzardians
Today I will show you how you setup Unity ads in your project

Step 1 → Open that Project

Step 2 → Drag the types of ads you want to show

There are 3 types of ads

Step 3 → Block Setup

Load & Show Ads

For Testing Error

That’s it for this guide
Now you can show your ads in your app, I hope you find my guide useful

You Can Also Check This Aia For Reference - UnityAds.aia (3.2 KB)

Reply to this topic if you have any query


Nice guide @TheKing_Ravan :grinning:

I earlier tried to integrate banner ads but the banner ads didn’t show in my app…
I posted this on community about this problem, so someone replied unity banner ads are not available in India…
Is it true???
If possible can you check unity ads are showing in your app…

Here is community:- Unity ads banner not displaying add - #2 by Jay