[Guide]Setup Applovin Max Ads in my project

Hello Appzardians
Today I will show you how you setup applovin max ads in your project

Applovin without Bidding -

Step 1 → Open that Project

Step 2 → Drag the types of ads you want to show


There are 5 types of ads

Step 3 → Copy And Paste Your Applovin Sdk Key

You Can find your sdk key from here

And Paste Your Key Here

Step 4 → Block Setup

For Loading Ads

blocks - 2023-01-28T204602.335

blocks - 2023-01-28T204604.631

blocks - 2023-01-28T204606.607

blocks - 2023-01-28T204615.607

blocks - 2023-01-28T204618.875
For Show Ads
blocks - 2023-01-28T204740.104

blocks - 2023-01-28T204741.768

For Testing Error

With Bidding - Facebook

For Bidding You Need to do some additional things in above

Step 5 → Drag any facebook ads component

In My Case I am adding Facebook Interstitial

Step 6 → Add Facebook Max Addapter

→ Click Here

Then Import it in Your Project
Now Drag This in your Project

Step 7 → Start Bidding From Applovin

Create Or Open Your Adunit

Scroll Down & Find Meta

Now Click On Status Swich And Paste Your placement ID

After That Scroll Down And Click On Save Button

That’s it for this guide
Now you can show your ads in your app, I hope you find my guide useful

You Can Also Check This Aia For Reference - ApplovinMax.aia (71.1 KB)

Reply to this topic if you have any query


Nice guide :wink:
Keep it up @TheKing_Ravan

BTW, When using AppLovin MAX with bidding, check the EnableMediation in all AppLovin ad components.