[Guide] How to make MIT App Inventor Apps and it's distros(Appzard)apps Compatible with Android TV

Step1:- Create Your App’s Basic UI In Appzard(Landscape mode only)

Step2:- Create a Good looking Icon for Android TV in any image editor app

Step3:- Use Cardview’s in your App as images, as this will help TV remote to click on it( I will add tutorial later about it)

Step4:- Download App Cloner App from anywhere(preferred use mod or buy premium version, as mod as some functions extra than normal one)

Step5:- Now Open App cloner app and choose your app which you want to make compatible with Android TV

Step6:- Go to Android TV and Wear OS Options

Step7:- Click on it, after it click on Android TV Launcher Support, then Choose your App icon for Android TV, then choose joystick pointer, that’s it your app is now compatible with Android TV (Remember make your app in landscape mode)

This is just A Hack Guide, Native Android TV Support is missing/Not available till now…

Hope this So-called Guide helped you…
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This Guide will surely unlocks many possibilities for appzard apps

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I have a silly question, can this guide be pinned in appzard main page???

we can only pin important announcements regarding Appzard to ensure that the most critical information is highlighted for our users.