[GUIDE] Appzard 2.0 - How To Send In-App Email To User

Sending In-App Email Was Possible Due To SMTP But Gmail Disabled Less Secure Apps Option!

Now As An Alternative Option We Can Use IFTTT

The Main Question Is How??

Now Here The Guide Starts…
In This Guide, We Will Create A Simple OTP Verification System


  1. Log On To IFTTT

  2. After You Have Logged In Click On Create

3 Now Click On Add

4 Now Search Webhooks And Click On That!

5 Now Click On Receive A Web Request

6 Now We Need To Name Our Event I Am Naming It As otp_send Now Click On Create Trigger!

7 Now let us Move to The Then That Part

8 Click On Add

9 Now Search Gmail And Click On GMAIL Logo

10 Now Click On Send An Email

11 Now Here You Need To Connect Your Email Account Once Connected It Will Look Like This!

12 Now In The To Address Click On Add Ingredient And Then Click On Value 1


Leave CC Address And BCC Address Empty
12 On The Subject Section Paste This

{{Value2}} OTP For Your Verification

13 Now In The Body Section Paste This

Hello Your OTP Is {{Value2}}, Please Dont Share It With Anyone


14 Now Click On Create Action

15 Now Click On Continue

16 Now Click On Finish

Let’s Move To Our Appzard

We Will Use Here 2 Textboxes And 1 Button

Let’s Rename The Button To Send OTP

And Now Drag And Drop Web Component

Now Move To The Blocks Section

Now We Need To Initialize To Variables

Now We Need To Initialize the Key To Our IFTTT Key We Will Use Obsufucated Text Block

For The Key Click On Webhook Icon

Now Click On Documentation

You Will Get Your Key Here Now Copy And Paste It

Now For The Event We Will Use The Name That We Gave Earlier I Gave otp_send

Now We Will Use When Button1. Click

Now let’s Make The OTP System

Firstly We Need To Initialize A Variable As otp

Like This

Now We Will Set Our OTP Variable To Random Integer From 1000 To 9999

Now We Will Use Set Web1. URL Block

Now IN Set Web1. url Block Attach Join Block With 4 Strings

Now In The First String Attach A Text Block And On That Paste


Now In The 2nd String, We Will Be Using Our get event Block From Variables

Now In The Third String Attach A Text Block And Paste


Now On The Last One, We Will Be Using Our Get key Block From Variables

Now Drag And Drop Set Web1. Request Headers Block

Now Attach 1 Make A List Block And From The Block Setting Delete 1 Item

Like This

Now Attach Another List

Now Attach 2 Text Blocks

Now On The First One Paste


And On The 2nd One Paste


Now Drag And Drop Call Web1. Post Text Block

Now Take A Join Block With 5 Strings

Now On the first one, We Will Be Needed A Text Block
Paste This Very Carefully On That

{ “value1” : "

Now On The 2nd String, We Will Use Textbox1. Text

Now On The Third String Attach A Text Block And Paste This

", “value2” : "

Now On The 4TH String, We Will Use get global otp block From Variables


Now On The Last Attach A Text Block And Paste This

" }

For More Tools Watch This Video

And Now Its Done

Apk: Click Me For Apk

Aia: Click Me For Aia

Problem In Guide Unlisted For Fixing

Nice Guide :clap:

There is another alternative method you can use by using script.

Check the video below:

Click to watch

Thank you


Very detailed guide :smiley: @NakshtraTheDeveloper


This guide is great, but I believe there is a method with Google Apps Script with even more functions and simpler. I’m constructing a Gmail extension, hopefully we’ll have a comparison of our guides and see. :slight_smile:


Ohh @Gordon If That Then Please Go On I Need It Because Its A Little Bit lengthy Process And It Takes A Lot Of Time To Setup Applets And More
But For Now, I Need To Use This


The Problem Is Resolved Now The Guide Is Good To Go! :wink:

Error Fix

Special Thanks To @AryanGupta

Error: When We Turn Off The Internet The OTP Is visible

Fix: Here We Will Drag And Drop When Screen1. Error Occurred
Now Hover Your Mouse Over “message” And Select set message to Block
Now Drag And Drop That Block On Do Section
Now On The To Placeholder, We Will Drag And Drop A Text Block In That Placeholder As Shown In The Picture Below

Resolved By



BTW, You don’t need to add this inside ErrorOccurred event.

set message to empty