Get current user details failed

This are my blocks

And this is out come

Above circular card supporsed to show profile image, label 2 above show user name and bellow shows email.

But output are all empty.

You need to sign in first in your app

I tried this many times but failed.
It suppose to work when user singup on Screen1 (loginpage) , i take variable for each name/gmail, then i store these global variable name/gmail to firebase database.

when Another screen initialized i call firebase auth and database and i retrieve form firebase to app. Checking if tag and value of name and email are equal then i set
lab1 text to getvalue
lab2 text to getvalue

Not working but i guess the logic is correct.

I cannot setup this thats why i use only one screen.

i this this is bug

User Sign in from screen 2 than upon open screen 3, data of currebt user will be retrieved that is the setup. But not working.

We just tested it and we are able to retrieve current user on Screen2

Please share aia file

I also need aia file. if really work i will create a new project for that.

firebasetest.aia (6.3 KB)

Upload your google-services.json and change the package name of the project according to it. Also, do not forget to add your Web client ID in idToken parameter of SignInWithGoogle block. You can retrieve it from here

Authentication > Sign In methods > Google > Web SDK configuration


This file work, but my observation is, Get current user does not work under screen initialize.
So set clock.

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