[FREE] TicTacToe Extension

TicTacToe Extension

Hello everybody this is Horizon and today i am presenting my new extension called TicTacToe You can use this extension to make TicTacToe application


Designer Properties



I am so much thankful to @anshumanmishra, @Pratyush and @Aarush

AIA :-
TicTacToe.aia (23.2 KB)

AIX :-
io.horizon.tictactoe.aix (20.7 KB)

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Thank You


Nice work @Horizon !

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Thank You @Aarush

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The extension is now available in getaix.com


Can we create something like this, I mean neon colour.

Making application with neon color is not possible
But yes you can customize your color accordingly

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umm -
not sure works but you can try.

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Sure I’ll check

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It won’t work as it is made using XML which is not possible till now for Extension Development

Why not just replicate same thing in java ? xml are possible if you use your mind.

Ya that’s right but first I have made this thing in canvas as a view component so idk about it
But yes as it’s open source just clone it and try to make changes
Let’s see you can do it or not :upside_down_face:


But i know you’ll do it easily :joy:

I think you know why i cant do right now :sweat:

Oh sorry I forgot about it
And you too know that windows of my laptop are corrupted

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