[Free/OS] DeviceYear

Name : Device Year

Update Version : 0.2

Description : A simple extension to analyzes an Android device’s specifications and calculates which year the device would be considered "high end”.

Note: that the maximum year returned is 2016 as the underlying library has archived.

Veraion 0.1:-

All the blocks

Demo Blocks


Aix :

com.mh.yearofdevice.aix (13.6 KB)

Aia :

test.aia (15.3 KB)

Apk :

test.apk (5.1 MB)

Version 0.2 :-

New Blocks:


AIX (v0.2): com.mh.yearofdevice.aix (13.9 KB)

SourceCode of extensione:

Library used :


Nice extension @MahmoudHussien

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Nice extension @MahmoudHussien :wink:

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