Firebase Database Crash error

When i use firebase database component my app keep crushing please solve it to the next update

show your blocks?

These are blocks of firebase component…
If i add no blocks then also my app crashing :cry:

This bug will be fixed in next release.

When the next release come?

instead on initialize can you try using a clock with 1 second timer

Sir if i have zero blocks in screen and just drag firebase database component than export apk and install and open apk than also crash app…:disappointed_relieved:

I thing there are no issue of blocks
The issue is in firebase db component

There’s a bug in Firebase DB which was crashing the app. It was fixed in the next update.


@MohamedTamer we all are very excited for the next update

Can you please tell me what is the target date of new release

Sir we are facing much issues. Some of them following .
1 : “Webview component have no html blocks” (means “go to html and go to url”)
2 : “companion not connecting”
3 : “Need for Usb companion starter”
4 : “Need Samsung and other tablet screen in creator”
5 : " In webview component ‘Progress blocks’ are missing"
6 : “In Download component ‘Progress blocks’ are missing”
7 : "When we change screen in creator or change designer to blocks section it consume much time(Loading)

We all will very happy if you solve these problems :slightly_smiling_face:
“”""""""""""“Thank You”"""""""""""""""

This might be due to Ram issue

Ok sir,

But i request to make usb companion starter for live test please

i can’t find “Progress Changed” option.

what do you mean by that this block triggers when it is currently downloading which is same as progress

But sir in other builder we can choose “Get Progress”

But what is the problem if both blocks does the same work but have different name? would it ruin the functionality ? obviously no just use that block it is same as progress

Ok sir thanks But i need usb companion for live test my application

Fixed in Appzard 2.0.

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