Firebase Authentication

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Let’s get started, follow above instructions and Kodes to implement Firebase Authentication in your App :slightly_smiling_face:

Just Firebase Things

  • Continue…

  • Once more…

  • Finally!!


Add your app to Firebase
  • Android one

  • Set up

  • Stuffing Asset

  • Then just next >> next >> and Continue to the Console
Enabling Authentication
  • Go to Authentication

  • Get Started

  • Hopefully you’ll see something like this -

  • Tada Completed

So now will enable the services which we are going to implement in this guide / project

Enabling Email/Password

Enabling Phone Authentication

Same Way enable Anonymous

Enabling Google Auth

Now in google after enabling and saving you’ll get Web Client ID Mark / Copy this will need in block section

Enabling Twitter Auth
  • Go to Twitter Developer, sign in with your twitter account.

  • First let’s enable Twitter support in Firebase Auth

  • In sign in method click add new provider and there

So for now we are adding this common authentication services.

Blocks Section -


Google :D oogle

Phone OTP

Create User With Email/Password

If user had already created an account with email and pass then he/she/it should login yes

Make them sign in

Forgot password ??

Want to make your user verify email id after creation of account ??

Verify email id


Want your user to directly login with one click mail OR like paswordless log in ??

Passwordless auth with Deeplink support

Returns true if sign in with deeplink , false if not

Normal Blocks
Is user already sign in ??

Returns true if yes and false if not

Log out / Sign out user


Delete Account


Set / Get language

This sets and gets the language used in mail and OTP requests.

Fetch user details


Wanna update user details ??

Update Email ID


Update Password


Update Display name / Username


Note : - Updation method only works if user has already sign in or sign up.

Update Profile Photo


Error Block


Trigger while -

  • While sign in with email, if the email id is not registered or if the password is incorrect.
  • While google sign in, if user cancels the request
  • While creating a new account, if the account is already created with given email id
  • Show / no response due to less internet connectivity
  • While twitter sign in , if web request is dropped / canceled by user


Add Twitter Auth
Set up / Connect

  • Sign up for a free account

  • Add in your purpose and usage of twitter api

  • Hooray !! Twitter just created an app for you, go to Projects and app

  • Select your project

  • Now Select Keys and Token Tab

  • Click on regenerate api

  • Yes Re-generate >> And here you go

This API key and API Secret will be require while adding services in our Firebase

Now let just set up Firebase

  • Add a new provider , Twitter

  • Enable and then paste API Key and API Secret that we copied previously

  • Copy the Redirect URL and Add it to your Twitter Setup

  • For that go to user Authentication Setting click on set up

  • Select native app >> Paste your Redirect URL in Call Back URL box , and set your website or just set your Redirect URL without -


and Just Save It

Blocks Section

Add Github Auth
Set Up / Connect
  • First lets got o Firebase >> add new provider >> Github >> Copy Callback url.

  • Register your app :point_down: :point_down:

  • Copy and paste your Client ID in Firebase Client ID and Generate

  • After you enter your password >>

  • You got your Client Secret, now just paste it in your Firebase Client ID and Enable and Save Project

Hooray Completed

Blocks Section

Add Yahoo Auth
Set Up / Connect
  • Same as above enable Yahoo service in Firebase Auth, copy call back URL and for Client ID and Client Secret go to Yahoo Developer

  • Create a new App

  • Register App

Hooray Completed 🥳

Blocks Section

Upcoming guides for Implementing Microsoft :microphone:

Note : Currently to make Firebase Authentication work you need to add Fb Database component to your app.

Test App (Services will end on 12/05/2023 IST)

This app has worst ui / hopefully it will be responsive to your screen, But you should try once :sweat_smile:

Need Help to setup Microsoft Auth :blush:

Thankyou :blush:


Very nice guide.
I am already anxious for the Twitter guide.

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Nice work @VrajPanchal :smiley:

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Nice update @VrajPanchal :smiley:

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I made the login system, but when opening the screen that has the firebase, the application closes immediately. Is it necessary to add some information in firebase core?

What about adding firebase db ??

I added it and it worked correctly, do you know how to join the otp verification together with the email verification? To go all to a single account? Thank you very much for this tutorial

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Just go via the post every single thing is explained deeply, if got stuck knock up :melting_face: