Firebase App Crash

When i drag firebase component in app than install app and open than my app keep crashing.
but if i remove firebase component than my app run normally

Which firebase components have you added in your project ?

Firebase Db.
I also implement firebase core . yesterday its working good but now today i export app again and open it so i found this bug.
Remember in companion its works good but in apk its crashing the app.

I think the bug is in the last night update

Pm me your aia

This bug is fixed now, it will be included in the next update

good, BTW when will be the next update come?

In 2-3 weeks


If firebase db crash error is fixed than Please send update now. Becaue many users also me waitng to export apk for publishing.
And other bugs fixes in next update

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We will release it tomorrow

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A new update is released now !

If i use firebase core initialize block than if i click on refresh companin screen than my companion crash