File component - copy files from assets to ASD & move them to another filename - bug

Copy files from the assets to the ASD and move them there to another filename. If this file already exists, the app crashes (Companion & APK). You must delete the target file beforehand. In addition, the File.Exists method does not work for the assets with the APK.

FileMove.aia (20.7 KB)


it crashes because the image1.png file no more exists after clicking on Image1 component. Should we create a FileNotFoundException event ? . And inside the MoveFile block, we can check whether the file exists. if not, we can trigger the event instead of crashing the app.

This bug is confirmed and we are working on it. BTW, Do you face this issue in Ai2 also ?

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See my blocks:

The File.Exists method works on AI2 also for the assets.

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I imported the AIA in Ai2 and got the same results.

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Yes, correct. I checked it again. It also does NOT work with AI2 for the assets.

I tried both methods:

and both return false.

I was pretty sure, that I checked it some time ago. But you are right, it does no longer work with the APK.

I’ll report this bug also on AI2.

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Both bugs should be solved with the latest update: