Emulator working with aiStarter

Hello everyone, after several attempts I managed to run the emulator mode with appinventor’s aiStarter.
So far it is running perfectly without any crashes or errors.

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How can I install aiStarter? I also need that it’s helpfull

Hi Jay, first you need install aiStarter in windows, I’m in windows 11.
After installing aiStarter you will need to download appzard companion in this post

ok, now you need to have chrome installed and set it as the default application to run the appzard through it, i tried with firefox but it crashed and closed the application.
With aiStarter running and appzard running on google chrome, go to the connect option and choose emulator. It will start the process of opening the emulator, it will take a while the first time… after opening the emulator it will give a warning that it did not find the companion you downloaded, then you will drag the app into the emulator and it will will install … after that it is to open normally. When starting it will give a warning that the app is in another version, just close it and there is no problem.


Its not working