Download Component queries

1 : Is there any way to run download component in background ?
2 : Can we download multiple files at same time ?
3 : Custom notification style with background support that works with download component ?
4 : Is there any way if we pause a file and close app than open app and resume the file where it has been paused with progress ?

I think 4th one can be possible because there are two block available in screen blocks section which is;

  1. On pause
  2. On resume
    Check these blocks, you can do this by on pause stop the downloader and on resum start the downloader
    Note:- only possible if you press the middle button of the navigation bar of you phone, if you completely end the task/app from background, this may be can’t be done, i haven’t tested it yet, you can give a try :slightly_smiling_face:

Please describe/elaborate 1st point i didn’t get it @Muhammad_zain

Yes you can download multiple files by using some extension which is available on KODUL@R

I don’t think there is stable notification extension available with this type of customisation, i found some but they don’t work above Android 11

On pause, on resume event is available but we can’t find the workable blocks for on pause on resume. We just found “start download” block.

1st point means if i start downloading a file and than fully close my app by pressing third button of navigation and close it from background than downloading process will stop.
I want if i close the app so also download my file and downloading process shouldn’t stop.