Document Scanner Component

There doesn’t seem to be an AppInventor distribution that allows you to scan documents. If Appzard can add this, it would be a great feature.

This library helps you to scan documents, although it uses an AAR library and cannot be implemented in an extension.

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Appzard, Ai2, etc. now have AAR support for extensions

No, it doesn’t. The PR is not merged yet.

From the Power User lounge

Is there a way to compile such extensions?

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Sorry, I didn’t seen that but Appzard have merged that PR. You can make extensions which uses an AAR library in Appzard. BTW, the document scanner library you linked above uses Open CV library. Its size is 55 MB. Users would not be able to compile their apps because of building size limit. You should find a light weight library.

Not Open CV, this library from the same developer…

See runtime dependencies of this library, it uses the open cv library created by them.

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What are these limits?
Can they be increased or improved?

The building size limit is 30 MB

Definitely, it will be increased in future.

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Why you set these limits, we are building in our computer.

Its the limit of app engine. However, this limit will be removed.

You see, we humans can do a lot of work. However, we need rest and we have always have a maximum amount of work that we could do. You can’t write 10 essays in 10 minutes…

Same with machines. The server is capable of a lot of things, but it has a limit. This is not because Appzard intentionally wants to do this, but rather the fact that the server is only capable of handling this amount.

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I m confused now, you are talking about server right, but I m building apks and other things in my own computer, so which server are you taking about

You answered your own question.