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How Can I make my video player app as default app to open when a user open a offline video or open a video by link…
I m making a video player app and I want my app to be default app for video player or my app can play multiple video link which supports deeplink

Like @vknow360 made a extension of custom web view extension which allow multiple urls to open when user click a link it will show that app as a default browser app, or deeplink system that supports multiple urls without specifying…


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@Xdev @AryanGupta is this type of default app system or deeplink system possible???
For video player

yes it is possible

How can I do it??
Please guide me!!
Thats what I m asking you from many days!!
I want to make my video player app as default app for video player

I will make a video tutorial very soon, you will understand completely,


Please use @ZainUlHassan exo video player and make video on default video player app.

i will try

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That DeepLink property isn’t responsible for adding your app to browsers list.
It is BrowserPromptHelper which does that.

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But I didn’t want my app in browsers list, I want my app as Video player app list like MX player, VLC player which can play video by link on click on it.
Ex:- I m making a video player app which can play videos with formats like(mp4,mkv,m3u8, etc.), I want my app to be shown when a user clicks on any link it will show my app in video players list and when I click on it will open my video player app and video will play with that link in my video player…

Sample video what I want:-

I want my app can play any video with link when I click on it

As you can see in the video above, there are multiple different links, when I clicked on video link a prompt show with multiple apps like chrome, VLC player, etc I want my app to be shown there when I select my app on video player list, my app will be opened and play that video which I clicked on video link…

@vknow360 Do you get what I want???

Hello sir, it’s been 2 month since you promised to make video on how to make app default for video player…

Would you please reply when will you make a guide