Custom Notification Style Like This

Hello Friends Can We Create Notification Like This :

Try notification style extension

I Know But How Can We Achieve This Can Anyone Give Us Some Knowledge

You can use Notification Style component and create a custom notification using XML layout.

Ok But How Can We Set Image ScalePictureToFit With Cardview Of Notification Like In Example

You can’t use Appzard’s components in XML layouts. If you want to create a XML layout, then, you should write XML code with properties or create a XML layout in Android studio using drag & drop method.

So Basically My Question Is Simple How Can We Set Image To Fit With Notification

<RelativeLayout xmlns:android=""
        android:src="@mipmap/ic_launcher" />

See the scaleType attribute in ImageView

Note : The above code is taken from this guide


How can I achieve this type of notification???
I have saw notification extension on app inventor but that has some problem with Android 12+ and I m unable to change icons, that have favourites icon fixed on it,
And I want only play, pause, forward 10 seconds and backward 5 seconds icon…
I want to integrate it with Zainul Hassan’s exo video player extension

Current available theme on that notification style extension

But I want like this