Created Apps with AppZard

Who have created apps with AppZard till yet?

I made some simple ones, because for large projects I had several problems with the components.


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Which Problems you faced with Components?


First some ad components made the app close, I asked, I followed the steps given, but still
Ammm the package name set didn’t work, it automatically set one like in AI2.

Ammm when you convert to card some layout or use a card, it put the elements as horizontal and not as vertical.
Some properties like enable html or make full parent doesn’t accept or execute well the properties.
Ammm when using a lot of 2000 to 3000 blocks the builder became a bit slow, it didn’t run smoothly.

PC Features
Chip: Intel i5 9G
RAM: 12 GB
Video Card: GTX 1060 2GB Ram
Disk1: 512GB SSD
Disk2: 1TB HHD

From there I assumed it couldn’t be because I had a bad pc,
Amm when you delete some extension did not remove it completely always detected that extension and already removed, many times I had to repair the project and do not remember what other things

I liked the builder, so that excellent! but if you need to solve a little faster the bugs and improve the aesthetics as it is not entirely responsive and visually pleasing.


@Quantum20 Thank you for reporting us, and Kindly report us if you found any bug. And Don’t Forget to Post your created apps in #magical-apps Category.

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