Create aia converter

Please anyone create a aia converter who move from other AppBuilder from. Like this Migrator | Android Builder for appzard.

I think this will take much hard work & time alot

It was being developed with the help of community. Each person was converting a json file from Kodular default to appzard default. But I am not sure if it is still under development or if it was abandoned…

Yes , you are right but i think this will work only for kodular platform

but if we want to grow then it needs because the i think the kodular is not working and not updating anything, so people want to move to some other platform, and they have lot of apps with kodular. it is best time to any AppBuilder to capture their market and also you can charge as kodular. people reedy to pay. they just need good service.

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Yes appzard team has already working on it

oh That’s great.