Connection refused

Bro How can I fix This …

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I think you didn’t set JAVA_HOME variable. Kindly set this variable.

how can i do that on ubuntu

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Search on Google or YouTube.

why show this?

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@ShahriyarSojibHasan Kindly look here.


Failed to check the port availability with error: Connection refused
Port 8888 is used by another program or appzard instance!

i can’t fix this …please bro last time help …

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@ShahriyarSojibHasan Kindly run this command

netstat -ano | findstr :8888

& show us the result.

can i get your personal whatsapp number?

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Contact me on Telegram(if you have) or PM me on Community.

give me teligram account number

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or fix this problem …

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Hello @ShahriyarSojibHasan,
This is a bug with the version checking mechanism in Linux.
I have merged this topic in the existing topic:

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OK, thanks. I will just wait for the update


Nothing is running buddy

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i try to solve this but can’t fix it

This bug has been fixed. It will be a part of the next bug-fix update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Any idea of the new update release time? Thanks

I just updated from 1.4.2 to 1.4.3 but nothing has changed although you said it would be fixed