Connection refused


I have installed appzard on linux but i get the following error:

Starting Appzard local instance…
Failed to check the port availability with error: Connection refused
An appzard instance is already running!

Port 8888 is not used by anything and appzard instance is not runnining either.

What can the issue be?

Simply close appzard and then reopen it.

How to close?
Just paste this code into GIT, then you will get the port being used by appzard.
Command: netstat -ano | findstr :8888

Close the port with this command in CMD, but put the port that is (what is in bold should be removed and put the port that you get!

Command: taskkill /PID Port code /F

Hello @3dmixer,
From the error logs it seems the port is really open, this seems a bug on how we check if the :8888 port is open or not. It’s probably due to a difference in the error codes on Linux devices. We will fix it in the next update.
Note: I have changed the category to #feedback:bugs so we can track it easily.

neeed video …please any one help me …when i want install appzard there have problem curl not install …please help me to install on ubuntu

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@ShahriyarSojibHasan Welcome to Our Community!!
What error it shows while running curl? So, we can help you ahead.

Bro How can I fix This …

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I think you didn’t set JAVA_HOME variable. Kindly set this variable.

how can i do that on ubuntu

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Search on Google or YouTube.

why show this?

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@ShahriyarSojibHasan Kindly look here.


Failed to check the port availability with error: Connection refused
Port 8888 is used by another program or appzard instance!

i can’t fix this …please bro last time help …

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@ShahriyarSojibHasan Kindly run this command

netstat -ano | findstr :8888

& show us the result.

can i get your personal whatsapp number?

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Contact me on Telegram(if you have) or PM me on Community.

give me teligram account number

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or fix this problem …

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Hello @ShahriyarSojibHasan,
This is a bug with the version checking mechanism in Linux.
I have merged this topic in the existing topic:

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OK, thanks. I will just wait for the update