Connecting issue with campanion

Hey Appzard user ,

I am new here, I setup Appzard offline GUI but there was a issue i faced to connect the companion. I have android 13 and what is the reason my companion not connecting?

When I connect the companion nothing is change in my android device also in Builder site!! It’s look like stuck :expressionless: Is there anything I wrong to setup the companion

Those error I got from Dev console

Cross-Origin Request Blocked: The Same Origin Policy disallows reading the remote resource at (Reason: CORS request did not succeed). Status code: (null).

HTTPS-Only Mode: Upgrading insecure request “” to use “https”. 4bb4d43fc71a9f07bc748f8cf900a8695b73841a

I solve it my self! This issue is caused by my Web browser and I fixed it my self.

Thank you

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