Connect Bluetooth Module(HC-05) With Arduino

Basically this is first guide on arduino, by end of this topic you will be able to change Bluetooth Module Name, Password and Know how to connect bluetooth with app.

Let’s get started -

Apparatus -

  1. Arduino UNO (I’ve used Arduino Uno Rev3)
  2. Bluetooth Module (I’ve used HC-05 Bluetooth Module)
  3. Jumper Wires for connections.
  4. Arduino IDE
  5. Little bit knowledge of Python.

We’ll Have two parts here -

Part 1 (Connecting Bluetooth With Arduino)

This is the circuit diagram of Bluetooth Module

Next you can find this bluetooth name in your device list on your phone click it to connect and if this device request for password just type 1234(Default Password) in it.

After it’s paired once bluetooth will be saved to your ‘Previously Connected Devices’.

Part 2 (Setup with IDE)

Here you will require Arduino IDE for changing name and password

So let’s get started.

Here is your IDE

Connect Arduino with your pc / laptop and select port / device in IDE


After this you have to open Serial Monitor


Now Change some settings in serial montior

Part 3 (Changing Name and Password of Bluetooth)

For this you need to change your bluetooth module Mode to AT(Attention Command) Mode. In this mode you can give commands from serial monitor to bluetooth to change it’s default settings like Name , Password etc.

You have to press and hold the small button on bluetooth module before connecting arduino to the pc / laptop.

If your bluetooth is in At Mode you will be able to notice that the led in bluetooth module keeps fading instead of fastly blinking.

Like this -

Now in Serial Monitor type AT and press enter.

You will be able to see OK

Next to check your current Name of Bluetooth Module type


Press Enter.

Here you will be able to see your current name of bluetooth


Is for knowing your password

AT +NAME="Your Bluetooth Name"

This will change name of your bluetooth module

AT +PSWD="Enter your password you want to change"

You can change to any password you like.

So here our guide ends further guides for connecting apps with arduino will be shared in new topics. Till then have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

Stay Safe Stay Healthy

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Nice guide @Bharat_Android_App_D :wink:

I need some suggestions to create and connect apps based on Arduino