[CONFIRMED] LPSBUG-6: FloatingActionButton not behaving as expected

The “hide” function is not working as well as some colors in backgroundcolor property are not showing instead the default pink color is being shown.

I have checked background color property randomly its changing colors. Can you please check and point out which background colors are not working. so i can also check that

The green one(from starting)…I m not sure of this since I m on mobile right now but did u check hide function?

Yes i have checked the hide function as well its working fine.

Check this video below my test results

Click to watch video

Try to add two floating action buttons and then hide and then set their background colors and perform hide and show actions.

Okk I’ll try and let you know the results

Hi Lakshya

I have tested by keeping 2 FAB’s. As you said 2nd FAB is not working as expected. If I hide 2nd FAB its effecting 1st FAB in my APK. I have set the background color also but still it’s showing default color. You can check my test results and blocks below.


Test Result Video

Click here to view results

@AryanGupta Please look into this results

Nikhil Kumar

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Thanks for the confirmation…That’s what I was talking about. Like I said floating action buttons work unexpectedly when added more than one.