Components Request

Hello @Appzard_Staff ,
It will be Great to see another new components here. So my request is, You should add the following components.

1. ScratchView Component

2. Color Picker Component

3. Google Account Picker( & All Auth Components like:- Github, Instagram, Facebook & More…)

4. ReCaptcha Component

5. CPU Info Component

6. Google Map Component( With Custom Icons)

7. View Pager Component

8. Chat View Component( Highly Customizable)

9. Storage Components

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I think that appzard staff is working on these components and they will make these soon…



This component already exists in the maps category.

I would recommend to use the Dynamic components extension, to be absolutely able to customize the design.

Which storage components?
Thanks for your suggestions!


All storage Components Like:- Airtable, Google Sheet, MySQL, AsteroidDB & more…

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A pdf viewer component


an online chat component

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i need a mopub components


Highly featured pdf viewer is required which included the following feature
*Go to page

  • Flip feature for turning page
  • Anyone can copy text from the pdf
  • Image can be inserted as background
  • Encode and Decode pdf

@Appzard_Staff please fill this request

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