Companion working well now

Is companion works with QR code. ?
Me and my friends tried to connect multiple times with different internet connection and companion shows error like this


we instalded appzard latest version 2 days before why companion shows this error and appzard working properly only companion have issue…

If you have a third device(mobile phone). Turn on Hotspot in it and connect your pc and and the mobile phone in which you are trying to connect companion.

i have airtel broadband wifi and my laptop or mobile both on same wifi.

this happened not ony with me my 2 other friends try companion or same issue they also faced we now want to switch from kodular to appzard

It should work. It gives same error in blank project too ?

Companion not working its my fiber wifi fault when i switch both device on another wifi network its working now its works android 11 or 12 and now i shared it with my other friends and thanks to @AryanGupta for this cooperation.

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