Companion Problems

I am facing some problems in Companion I request you to fix it asap

What Problem You Are Facing

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Companion is not updated yet. Please wait for sometime. we will update the companion soon

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It will be fixed in next update


Companion not working

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Companion Not Working On Android 12

I just tested on Android 12, it’s working for me. What is not working for you ?

Companion Not working, I think Problem with related IP.
I am testing with wifi & mobile network also I am testing with Android 9,10,11,12,13 but same problem

Same problem with companion not connected with broadband wifi or not connect with mobile internet

Please fix this issue asap.


Showing Error
Error 500 Server ErrorCompanion.pdf (88.2 KB)

Connect your PC and mobile with same wifi

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I have wifi in my home, But when If I am out of my home so how can I connect?? Fix the issue
I am using mobile hotspot

Currently, not possible. we are working on it. For now, you can download a emulator in your device and use the companion inside it.

You mean via bluestack app

Yes, you can use it

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Not working, same problem

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Any solution???