Companion issue

I am a new here, everything is latest and empty. I create one project no blocks just a background colour. When i connect companion is shows up like this. I check all the topics related to this issues but couldnot solve my problem. Can you fix this issue? I use Firefox but also tried Microsoft Edge and Chrome browser too. I set min sdk to 4 and max sdk to 12, I use my phone hotspot.

Is your phone and pc on same wifi connection ??

Yes, i use my phone hotspot

You mean on hotspot ? Then it won’t work companion only works on wifi also if it is the same one :smiling_face_with_tear:

I turn onn hotspot on my phone, i onn my pc wifi, i connect it. Is suppose to work. I always used kodular, niotron and android builder like this.

This mean if i donot have wifi i cannot use companion?

Yep you need to have wifi connected on both this devices including same wifi network


But I have Airtel broadband connection and connect my pc or mobile with same wifi but companion not connected.

Please fix this issue.

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Yes, this is not about having wifi or not, there is some issue in companion need to fix it soon.

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Thanks for your report. we are working on it

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