Companion freez at 20%

When we connect companion than it freez at 20%

Clear your companion’s app data from settings inside companion app

I tried everything even i uninstall app and again download the latest version and install but same problem.

This problem was started when i update my appzard workspace last week

The problem isn’t fixed yet.
Please fix it we are waiting for create apps.
We don’t want to export apk every 1 minute

My companion is still freez at 20%

Make sure that legacy mode is on in companion

Does it happen with all the projects you try? Or a specif project?
If it is just one, try to send your aia to a friend and tell him to open it and see if it works. if not, the problem is with the aia that may be corrupted

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It happen with all the projects. It works perfectly before the last appzard update. But when i update appzard to 34 than it’s stopped working.
And i also check with legacy mode on but in this case the connection progress notifier invisible but not connect

i also facing this issue but stuck at 94% :joy:

any solution plz because seriously yesterday i test it was perfectly worked but today this problem cause

I am not able to create app due to companion issue from 1 week

Please pm me your AIAs

If i create new empty project than also same issue

Now after update my companion connect perfectly


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