Companion Error: 1103

I can’t connect the companion even few hours latter it work fine for me.
The error showing like
Error 1103: Unable to complete the given request…

it is down for sometime

Uhh! I see Thanks for the information…

For now, you can try this workaround

Step 1 - Go to this location and replace the appengine-web.xml with this updated file


appengine-web.xml (9.7 KB)

Step 2 - Turn off the Legacy Mode from the companion app


Now I facing assets missing issue? When I upload any of assets the companion say Unable to load? what is the solution for that?

Even the companion not responding?

Also the companion connecting & performance too much slow then expect, Please fix the companion as soon as possible.

Uploading: image.png…

Turn on the legacy mode and set the rendezvous url manually to (this way, it will use appinventor’s server)

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Is it for temporary methods? until the Appzard Companion server live.

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Companion is working well now.

No need of this workaround now. you can replace it with original file. Also, turn on the legacy mode

appengine-web.xml (9.7 KB)


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