Companion dont conect

Hi guys, I have a problem to conect the companion in appzard, both has in 2.0 version.
The camera dont capture the qr code and if I put the code manually they dont conect and aproximately one minute later I recieve the code Error 1103.
I try reinstall, clean cash, clean database, and change permissions of app, everything seems to be fine.

Thanks for your help!

Companion is working for me, Can you PM me your AIA ?

Hi, my .aia is a blank screen.
I try disable the windows firewall too but dont work.
And install aiStarter for connect with usb rsrs.

Make sure to enter correct code.

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yes… is the correct code.
I uninstall all companion in my cellphone, kodular companion, appinventor…etc… so install only the appzard. Now I can iniciate the connection but i receive other error.

Hi @AryanGupta I have good news! its work now! I don’t know exactly what was done to solve it but it’s finally working!
Thank you very much for all your help, just knowing that the companion was working normally helped me to identify that the problem was here.

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