Changing password of PostgreSQL

If you have mistakenly written a password other than admin. It will give a error like this

Problem accessing /. Reason:

Service Unavailable

Now, you will need to change the password

Changing the password

Adding these two PATH Variables in your Environment Variables.

C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\14\bin
C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\14\lib

Note : 14 is my PostgreSQL version. It can be different for you. So, replace it with your current PostgreSQL version.

Now, open CMD and enter

psql -U postgres

  • Enter the password you previously entered.

  • After that, Enter this

\password postgres

Now, Enter admin as password.

You have successfully updated your password :smiley:



Have you added these two PATH variables ?

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yes i have added them

Reopen your CMD and try again

okayyyyy let me try

PostgreSQL is not installed correctly. Please reinstall it

okey its work thanks

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