Cellular Model does not change in Builder

Changing device model in builder doesn’t work properly, tested on Ferefox Developer Browser and Microsoft Edge.
Example: Screen1 works, creates Screen2 works normally, but Screen1 stops working. In other words, the last Screen created always works and the previous ones stop working.
This problem is related to the browser’s cache.
To change the device model I must first select the device, clear the browser cache, refresh the browser and enter the project again

Samsung S9 device

Google Nexus 6p device


Thanks for the report, Can you tell the steps to reproduce it ? It’s not happening in my device

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Basically it’s like this, the last screen created always works with the screen selection, the previous screens don’t respond to the chosen screen selection.
Beginning of the project Screen1 works, creating Screen2 and Screen1 does not work, creating Screen3 works normally, but Screen1 and Screen2 do not work.

In this video I show that it is possible to leave all screens in the default size when clearing the browser’s cache.
Tested on Chrome, Edge and Firefox.