Cannot build aab and apk

Hello Appzard

I got this error when I build the aab or the apk file. Please help me to fix

Can you please attach the AIA here or send it privately (via PM) so I can diagnose the reason for this error?


i have sent a message sir. please check inbox. thank you

Please give me update sir

Hello, I didn’t get the error while building your app on the latest version of appzard.
Please answer the following questions:
1- Are you using the latest version of appzard? To check, click the Update Appzard button in Appzard GUI
2- Have you created this AIA from scratch or you have imported it from another builder?

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I have the latest version sir. I created it form the scratch

Can you build any AAB / APK? Create an empty project and try to build the APK.
If that doesn’t work, check this:

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still error

And again:

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I re imported my app aia and remove some screens. i only left 3 screens. i try to build the apk and it works. why like that?