Camera component when cancelled missing step

Hi everyone!

First time I interact here. I’m new at Appzard. I’ve came from Kodular.

I’m using the Camera component that works ok BUT I’ve been found a necessity to a step like “when take picture cancelled” event… just like there’s a “when cancelled” event for Activity starter module.

If the take picture event from the Camera component is cancelled, the app freezes and I need to reload the screen to unlock the original functionality (upload image from camera or through the activity starter).

Is there a workaround for this or a need to wait for this improvement?

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Thanks for your report :smiley:. we have made a fix for that bug and added a event for Cancelled. It will be included in next update.

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Awesome!! Thanks for your fast reply! Is there a date when the update will be released?

Most probably, we will release the update in this month.

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The Update is released now


Thanks for your support! U’re the best!

Hello! Unfortunately the ‘when Camera1 Canceled’ event doesnt work!
I’ve tested with a Notifier block and nothing happens .

I’m using the Camera component to take photo and upload the image to my webview input file element. But when I press back button, when camera already open, the webview page freezes on opening new camera photo or file …needs a reload.

We fixed it now. it will be included in next release

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