[Bugs] Onesignal aka Push notifications component

I have android 13 when the app is open with Onesginal component aka Push notification the app will stop working and crashing

Here is the error I found from the component:

java.lang.IllegalStateException: WorkManager is not initialized properly.  You have explicitly disabled WorkManagerInitializer in your manifest, have not manually called WorkManager#initialize at this point, and your Application does not implement Configuration.Provider.
 at androidx.work.impl.WorkManagerImpl.getInstance(WorkManagerImpl.java:158)
 at androidx.work.WorkManager.getInstance(WorkManager.java:184)
 at com.onesignal.OSNotificationRestoreWorkManager.beginEnqueueingWork(OSNotificationRestoreWorkManager.java:48)
 at com.onesignal.OneSignal.handleActivityLifecycleHandler(OneSignal.java:900)
 at com.onesignal.OneSignal.init(OneSignal.java:782)
 at com.onesignal.OneSignal.setAppId(OneSignal.java:683)
 at com.onesignal.OneSignal.reassignDelayedInitParams(OneSignal.java:1096)
 at com.onesignal.OneSignal.onRemoteParamSet(OneSignal.java:819)
 at com.onesignal.OneSignal$5.complete(OneSignal.java:1037)
 at com.onesignal.OneSignalRemoteParams.processJson(OneSignalRemoteParams.java:206)
 at com.onesignal.OneSignalRemoteParams.access$100(OneSignalRemoteParams.java:12)
 at com.onesignal.OneSignalRemoteParams$1.onSuccess(OneSignalRemoteParams.java:151)
 at com.onesignal.OneSignalRestClient$5.run(OneSignalRestClient.java:269)
 at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:1012)
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Thanks for the logs, we will try to fix it

We made a fix for this bug. Can you confirm it ? Let us know if this still cashes

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I tested in Android 13 and there was not any error in initialization.

It is just fantastic how fast Appzard staff works. I kept waiting for more than one year in Kodular and they didn’t update the Push component. Here we see a bug that affects only a few percentage of the users and a fix was made just a few hours later.
I would like to congratulate you and all the staff for all the hard work! No doubt there is still a lot of work to be done but I never saw a team working so hard in all this time that I use App Inventor based builders.


This bug fix is included in the new update. Let us know if it still exists

Yes, Still exists. I already sent you the log in your personal message

Just one thing: May be you know already, but anyway. I am about to work with push notifications in appzard for the 1st time now, and I just noticed that there is a component called FirebaseCloudMessaging here. This component does ± the same thing that you could do using One Signal. By the way, One signal uses Firebase Cloud Messaging too, and Firebase Cloud Messaging is 100% free (One signal by other side, is not totally free). So I think there is no advantage in using One Signal component instead of the FCM component.

Thanks for your suggestion but when I use Firebase components like Firebase core, Firebase CloudMessage, Firebase DB etc the app is not building showing error! So what can i do now If I use Push Notifications the app cashing if I use Firebase component the building failed??

I am not having this problem. I dragged all firebase blocks and compiled without problems.
Didn’t try with all necessary blocks so may be the problem is when some blocks are used… Did you try with a simple app to see if the problem continues?

No, Not yet…

can you please give me a demo aia file how to setup those firebase, push notifications component?

Make sure to upload google-services.json in assets

Already done it before! but not happening

Let us know if this update fixes that bug

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