[Bugs] aab File building error

Apk build working fine but when I am trying to build abb file Appzard showing error:

Even my every project I can’t build abb file.

Generate an apk file and convert it to aab using another app that convert apk files to aab.

It looks like Appzard staff is not active these days. I hope it is temporary, but I am starting to be worried with appzard future.


Already tried but when I am going to upload it on Play store it say “Yourappname.aab not signed”

@AryanGupta what happened ? :expressionless:

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The solution is simple: Sign the app!
There are tons of videos in Youtube showing how to do this. But basically you will have to use an app to sign the app again. You do it in less than a minute after you learn. And you learn it in a few minutes. There are probably tutorials in Kodular or App inventor community.

Send logs from appzard gui

Did you mean from here?

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Those log i send already shared from the GUI

send full logs in a txt file

Here it is :point_up_2:t2:, Isn’t full log?? Check my previous message. I shared with Google drive

Pm me your aia