Bug report / suggestions

I’ve done a couple of tests and found some bugs/improvements with suggestions.
I could not find the bug or suggestions tag, so posted it in Discuss…

Camera component

The camera component shows a warning message about the audio that it needs to be turned on manually but there is no option/permission. The component may be missing the audio permission.

OCR Error

The OCR component doesn’t work, which the Internet turned on/off.

‘Runtime error’
‘Failed res of Lcom/google…/datatransport/runtime/dragger/internal/Factory’

Search box bug

The search box doesn’t work when:

You’re in some project, creates a new project using the projects named drop-down menu and create a new project. In the newly created project, the search box doesn’t seem to work.

Logo in the compiled app

The logo of the compiled app doesn’t look nice/pretty. It’s kind of stretched.

Chrome tab

May be possible to add an event when the custom chrome tab got closed if posible?

Meta Data Component

The component should have an event when all the meta data of the file/image (keys, values) should be returned.


Appzard is best and what they have done in a few months compared to other distributions. Should keep on continuing the (hard/smart) work with constant improvements!


Thanks for list! We will have a look into them and solve them ASAP
Thanks again!


thanks for the things you noted for us we will try to fix it soon


Hello, Thanks for your suggestions, @Kumaraswamy !

The camera component doesn’t need this permission, can you please post an AIA that reproduces it?

Thanks! A fix will for this but will take place in the next update.

This will be also fixed.

For me it looks quite good:
Does it look different from your end?

There is no built-in in method which is provided in the Chrome Custom Tabs SDK to do this, however, you can use the Screen.Resumed event as a workaround.

So you are looking for a function to get all the metadata of a file instead of having to use the GetMetaData multiple time? We would add it in a feature update.


Actually I just get a alert notice that to allow audio permission, (camera view layout component)

I am talking about the installed app logo/icon:



i don’t think this is stretched


The default icon will be changed soon :slight_smile:


I’ll take a look, I assumed you were using the Camera and not the Camera Viewer component.

That doesn’t look right, we have already updated the icons for the built APKs to our new icons, I’m checking into it.



When we click the search icon in the component’s search section, the textbox should get focused automatically, every time I need to click on the textbox to type it.


Yes, I also faced this issue.