Bug In Navigation Bar Property

I have saw a bug in navigation bar, I have set the colour of my navigation bar to black in properties section then I exported the apk, then I opened my apk it showing white colour in navigation bar so I did this with blocks I set the navigation bar colour to black in blocks after exporting I checked the apk, I observed that when screen initialise first it shows white colour navigation bar and then after 1 or 2 seconds it changes it colour to black…

Navigation Bar colour change doesn’t work for me in Property section, It worked for me in blocks but it has bug
Also for different Screens i have to change the navigation bar colour by going to properties section one by one, please make this function to when I set the navigation bar colour to black or anything in screen 1 it will change the colour for all screens

I did same thing with kodular and exported the apk but the problem didn’t come in kodular.

Here is the video:-

As you can see in this video the first screen shows white colour for 2 seconds then it changes colour to black and then when screen two initialised it shows white colour for 0.5 seconds and then changes to black…
Please fix this bug

I m using Mi phone with Android 9 and I did this same thing with my poco phone with Android 12 it’s showing same problem.

Mmm are you using screen 1 as splash?
because I have no problem with that I feel you are not configuring it right.

Yes I am using screen 1 as splash, but the problem is same with another screen, you can see the video
Here is my exported APK

PM me your AIA

I think this problem will be resolved till next update