Blocks and Features need to be added in Future Updates

Hi Team

Please find the below features and blocks that should be added in future updates.


call finderprint .Has Fingerprint Scanner (True if hardware is present and functional, false otherwise)


Set and Get Blocks of Cloud name, Secret Key & API Key should be added

Control Blocks

Add open another screen screenName Block.
I cannot able find this block to open another screen.

If any other missing blocks i found in future I’ll add those blocks in this post.

Nikhil Kumar


Hello Nikhil, thanks for the suggestions!

This is possible to implement. We will implement it in the next update.

This isn’t possible unfortunately… Since cloudinary can be initialized with the provided credentials only once. So attempting to change the credentials and re-initialize would cause an error.

The block should be there. But There is actually a bug that causes some blocks to disappear from the workspace. Until fixed in the next update click anywhere in the block editor, type ‘open another screen’ and click enter. The block should be added to the workspace.
Best Regards,
Mohamed Tamer


This block is now back with the latest update:

Added in the latest update :+1: