Barcode scaner (QRcode scaner not fuction after update) after bulid apk file

hai…help me.
my app not work for QRcode / barcode scaner apter appzard was update.
qrcode scaner not working after bult to apk file. but on companion it’s work.

What ia the error ?
Show screenshots please

data from the database is displayed in the user and password.
before the update, it can appear, but after the update, the display immediately returns to the beginning.
this happens after the application is built into an apk file

what’s the problem exactly ? The barcode scanner not working for you or anything else ?

the camera on the cellphone to read the QRcode doesn’t work after the application is compiled to an apk file. even though, while in the process of using the companion, it runs very normally.
this happened when i updated appzard to the latest version.